The Ka-Ro TX8M-SV81 development kit is based on the i.mx8M Mini and TIANMA 10.1-inch display



Increasing numbers of products perform interactions with the user.
The human-machine interface (HMI) is the face of the application to the customer. It helps to present complex processes in a simple way and enable contemporary operation of devices.

Acquire more customers for your product with an innovative and attractive design!

Connecting a display to an established application where previously a few LEDs sufficed is a task that often poses three different challenges for developers:

  1. How do I do it?
  2. What does it cost?
  3. And how complicated is it to get started with display and HMI technologies?



TOSHIBA MPDs support MIPI®, LVDS, DisplayPort® and HDMI


Increasing resolutions and image quality of multimedia content:
Huge quantities of data are transferred between cameras, displays and other peripheral devices.

As interface bridges, TOSHIBA offers mobile peripheral devices (MPDs), which SUPPORT high-speed protocols such as MIPI®, LVDS, DisplayPort® and HDMI®.

This allows you to effortlessly implement a high-speed data exchange between two devices, such as main processors, cameras, displays and other peripheral devices.


Join the SiLabs EFM8 MCU family for free –
Compact housings with extremely low power consumption


A “busy bee” – this is the starter kit with which we are offering you free entry to the
high-speed and ultra-low power world of the EFM8™ series from SILICON LABS.

The “Busy Bee” starter kit contains a fully fledged hardware debugger, the tool chain “Simplicity Studio” and a free licence for the Keil compiler.
Everything that makes a developer's heart beat faster.


High-performance 6-axis motion sensor from TDK


Now with the new SensWire interface for digitally connected sensors:

The ICM-42605 from TDK InvenSense is a 6-axis motion sensor that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis acceleration sensor in a small 2.5 x 3 x 0.91 mm (14-pin LGA) housing.

It has a 2-kilobyte FIFO, which enables the system processor to bundle sensor data before switching to energy saving mode. This reduces data traffic on the serial interface and the already very low current consumption of 0.65 mA in full power mode to only 7.5 µA in full sleep mode.

As the first sensor from TDK InvenSense, the ICM-42605 also has the new standard I3CSM on board in addition to the familiar I²C and SPI interface. This interface, also known as SenseWire, was originally developed specially for digitally connected sensors. It is also used in medium and high-speed embedded applications.


New DC motor driver extends battery life


TOSHIBA is expanding its range of driver ICs for brushed DC motors with a highly efficient single-channel H-bridge driver.

The TB67H450FNG drives motors with an operating voltage from 4.5 to 44 V and a maximum current of 3.5 A.

Thanks to the smallest standby current in the industry of only 1µA across the entire voltage range, it is extremely well-suited for all battery-powered applications.

This extends the battery life, and reduces the cost of replacement and the number of necessary charging cycles.

The TB67H450FNG can control motors in four different modes (forwards, backwards, brake and stop). It also has the capacity to shut down safely in the event of overheating (TSD), overcurrent (ISD) and undervoltage (UVLO).


Your Number 1 for the 7th time –
thank you for your vote!


The reader vote for “Distributor of the Year” of ELEKTRONIK magazine is always an exciting occasion for us distributors. This provides us with current feedback from the market where we present our offers to our customers.

The product categories of the vote are defined in close cooperation with the German Professional Association of Component Distribution (Fachverband der Bauelemente-Distributoren e.V. or FBDI).

Almost 2,000 participants made this reader vote a powerful statement once again in 2019.

With 19 podium placements, of which seven were first place, GLYN achieved second place in the medals table of the reader vote for 2019.