Industrial DRAM modules - 6 important qualities you should look for...


A DRAM memory is an important transformation artist in the memory segment.

Continuously adapted to the evolution of technology, software and boards, the memory must master all the required processes.

However, despite its importance, this precision component is often reduced to a “commodity” product. This comes at the cost of quality and reliability. 
The potential consequence: the complete failure of your device and the loss of important data!

To distinguish the high-quality, reliable devices from lower-quality devices, there are a few important details you need to know. The following 6 important points are indicative of high quality DRAM modules and manufacturers of industrially suitable products:

  1. Controlled/fixed BoM (Bill of Material).
  2. Depending on your application, look for high-end performance modules, specially developed for applications in challenging and critical environments. These are mostly available in “Server Grade”, “Enterprise Grade” and “Industrial Grade”.
  3. “Low voltage” modules suitable for applications with low power consumption.
  4. Modules should be 100% JEDEC-compliant.
  5. It should be possible for the manufacturer to realise customer-specific variants that meet the requirements of your project.
  6. The manufacturer should offer a broad product range from SDRAM, DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3, all the way through to the latest DDR4 versions for space-sensitive applications, e.g. registered mini DIMM.

As a general rule:
the more reliable the module, the safer it is for applications and data. Choose precise and reliable DRAM components for your applications.

As a highly specialized company with over 35 years of experience on the market, we recommend placing a high value on reliable processes when selecting the right DRAM module.

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