Comprehensive testing before delivery -“Safety in numbers” with ATP storage media...


Memory cells that safely store data.

Do you know the origin of the phrase “safety in numbers”?
The cells in a prison are numbered, and the prisoners are securely held inside. At some point,
the word “safety” and “number” became closely linked. The security of the cell therefore gave rise to the phrase “safety in numbers”.

How do we ensure that our storage media store your data reliably? 
ATP offers you security with extensive tests and compliance with specific standards!

Not convinced yet? See the following facts:

  • All ATP products are validated through internal quality controls before leaving the factory.
  • Strict industrial standards are adhered to.
  • During the tests, developed in-house by ATP, all products are tested using state-of-the-art industrial testing equipment. This ensures that the components function flawlessly in terms of their functionality, electromechanics and reaction to external influences.
    ATP scores additional points with its “Test During Burn In” (TDBI):

    In conventional burn-in processes, the motherboards on which the DRAM modules are installed are placed in a chamber. If an error occurs during thermal stress testing,
    further tests are conducted. This determines whether the DRAM was at fault or the
    non-DRAM components. 

    ATP offers a faster solution – by concentrating the heat on the DRAM modules, it is possible to determine whether a DRAM is defective. This ensures that only robust DRAMs are installed on the module. 

    This process weeds out weak components, so that only reliable and thoroughly tested ATP products leave the ATP factory.  


As a result, you can count on the reliable quality of ATP products. Because sometimes it all comes down to a few milliseconds: a few milliseconds that could cause the failure of your application if your memory is not secure. Or, the “prisoner” might escape.

In other words: it's better to opt for “safety in numbers” with ATP storage media!

We would be happy to provide you with further information about the testing and validation processes on request. 

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