Only 1.2 x 1.2 mm in size:
New TOSHIBA LDOs extend the operating time of battery-powered devices


Ideal for the power supply of mobile devices, image-processing and audio-visual products:

TOSHIBAs TCR5BM and TCR8BM LDO regulators reduce power consumption and extend the operating time of battery-powered devices.

The manufacturer is releasing two new series of surface-mounted LDO regulators at the same time. 

The 40 regulators in the TCR5BM series support a dropout voltage (V DO ) of only 100 mV and a maximum output current of 500 mA. What’s more, the 40 LDOs in the TCR8BM series offer
170 mV V DO and 800 mA output current. The TCR5BM and TCR8BM series are both available with VOUT options within a range of 0.8 V to 3.6 V.

Both series are suitable for applications including power supplies for micro-controllers (MCU),
HF devices and camera CMOS sensors in mobile devices or image-processing and audio-visual devices, as well as applications requiring increasingly lower supply voltages in the range of 1.0 V.

33 % less power loss
Thanks to the low-ohm N-channel MOSFETs of the latest generation and an external bias voltage, both series have significantly reduced the dropout voltage, which leads to power loss,
to approx. 33 % less than TOSHIBA's current products. This represents the lowest dropout voltage in the industry.

Stable operation thanks to 98 dB ripple rejection ratio 
What’s more, thanks to a ripple rejection ratio of 98 dB, the new products offer stable operation that is resistant to high-frequency background noises and DC/DC-converters, two factors that can cause faults in operation. They also offer a fast transient response, which prevents faults caused by fast changes in the operating mode of the IC.

50 % lower idle current
The idle current (TCR5BM = 19 μA, TCR8BM = 20 μA) is up to 50 % lower than other high-current LDO regulators on the market. This enables reduced power consumption in applications and therefore longer operating times for battery-powered devices.

Both series come in a compact DFN5B housing for surface-mounting with a footprint of only
1.2 x 1.2 mm.

Both LDO series are already available in production quantities and can be ordered from TOSHIBA distributor GLYN.

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