“GLYN Bottle” instead of plastic bottles at the Limesschule


Photo: Limesschule Idstein


From left to right: Angelika Deinhardt (Head Teacher of the Limesschule Idstein), Bianca Amstutz (Dept. Manager Coordination & Training), Jule Nagel (Intern – Business Education Student)

Environment and sustainability are important issues at the Limesschule secondary school in Idstein.
Now, a refillable water bottle will replace plastic bottles at school and at home. All students can fill up their water bottles with the tested water for free, as often as they like, from the school's water taps. Since the international UNESCO project day 2018, the senior classes of the Limesschule in Idstein have been examining the environmental issue of “sustainability” in their school project.


Together with the school’s friends' association, GLYN is sponsoring durable drinking bottles, made of environmentally friendly stainless steel. During the first week of term, the “Limes drinking bottles” were distributed to all seven 5th-year classes. Students in the 6th year and above can also purchase the bottles from the school in exchange for a small sum. All the proceeds will be donated to the Limesschule’s friends’ association.



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