Detects UV light in the UV-A to UV-B range:
High and low-sensitivity photo diode comes in ultra-small SON-6C package


Ideal for measuring devices in the UV index or applications for radiation with UV light.

With the S-5420, Japanese manufacturer ABLIC claims to have released one of the smallest available silicon photo diodes on the market with sensitivity to UV-A and UV-B.




The S-5420 can measure UV light in the UV-A range, which causes liver spots and wrinkles on the skin, all the way through to the UV-B range, which causes sunburn.


Illustration: The Photodiode S-5420 with a transparent and ultra slim SON-6C Package

The three main benefits of the S-5420 photo diode in summary:

  1. Detects UV light in the UV-A to UV-B range
  2. Eliminates the need for a filter by calculating the difference between the two photo diodes
  3. Compact plastic housing

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