Artificial turf with environmentally friendly cork granulate at “GLYN sports ground”


Photo: TV Idstein
Glyn Jones is awarded a certificate of honorary TV membership by Julia Baier (centre), Board Member of TV Idstein

The new artificial turf pitch in Idstein is a “sporty” collaboration between the state, city, district, sports association and sponsor. With a sum of 100,000 euros, GLYN is supporting a sustainable joint project and reducing the equity ratio of TV Idstein to 50 %.

Special importance was assigned to an artificial lawn, laid with environmentally friendly natural cork granulate. This natural, ecological and renewable cork offers players added comfort in the summer as it heats up far less than other types of granulate.

“Idstein is a nice town, and it's important that it also has a nice sports facility,” says Glyn Jones, owner and managing director of GLYN. The Idstein-based businessman will also provide a 42-seater stand, which will be fitted with a roof in the near future. Sanitary facilities and changing rooms at the sports ground will complete the amenities on offer for players and spectators alike.


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