ARBOR iPC products now available from GLYN:
Distribution contract for Europe


From now on, the entire product range of ARBOR Technology Corp. is available from GLYN.
The Taiwanese manufacturer and GLYN have signed a distribution contract for the European region.

ARBOR focuses on COMe and Q7 modules, as well as robust boxer and panel PCs, including for the medical industry. Maximum flexibility and customer-orientated product development guarantee the right solution for integration in virtually any application imaginable.

“ARBOR has more than 25 years of expertise in industrial PCs” says Norman Schmidt, Junior Product Manager iPC at GLYN, delightedly. “The manufacturer boasts a highly diverse and sophisticated product portfolio. We are very impressed by ARBOR’s innovative company philosophy. The manufacturer continuously manages to produce exciting and outstanding products. Combined with our First-Class Premium SUPPORT, we will deliver tangible added value for our customers.”

“Working with GLYN offers high potential for growth – both for the manufacturer and the distributor,” says Christine Pan, Senior Sales Manager at ARBOR, with a positive outlook on the collaboration.

“We look forward to working on many projects together.”

Current links to the manufacturer, ARBOR:

GLYN > Product range > ARBOR

GLYN is happy to provide further information about the ARBOR product portfolio on request.

Are you still looking for a suitable controller or control unit for your application?

In addition to the TFT module, we would be happy to supply a controller or computer-on module. This saves you a lot of development time.



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