50% smaller housings:
Seiko Instruments reduces the housing size of its 32-kHz quartz crystals


The new SC-20T quartz crystal from Seiko Instruments can be used in the smallest of applications.

As the 32.768-kHz derivative of the SCX series, the quartz is now even more suitable for portable applications and printed circuit boards (PCB) with high component density, thanks to its extremely small dimensions of 2.05 mm x 1.20 mm and super flat housing size of 0.345 mm.

SC-20T is available with a load capacity of 6 pF, 7 pF, 9 pF or 12.5 pF and comes in a
100 % Pb-free SMD ceramic housing.

Precisely keeping time
Quartz crystals are used for low-power systems, such as watches and other real time clock (RTC) applications, as well as watchdog timers (WDT), and for secondary clock functions of microprocessors in standby and sleep mode to minimise power consumption.


The SCX quartz crystals feature photolithographic technology with a tuning fork resonator.
This guarantees high reliability, low ageing (3 ppm/year) and outstanding impact and heat resistance.

The ion-gun trimming process enables extremely narrow tolerances across a broad temperature range (-40 °C to 85 °C).

All the technical specifications are available on the current data sheet: 
SC-20T Data Sheet (621 KB)

The SC-20T is available in production quantities. 
Release samples are available on request.

Circuit Matching Service & Solution 
Seiko Instruments is offering all customers a Circuit Matching Service & Solution (CMSS) for the design, evaluation and optimisation of application-specific oscillation circuits using SII quartz crystals.


If interested, we will happily provide more information.

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