With 64 KB flash memory and 4 KB SRAM:
Embedded motor controller for 5.4 V –
18 V automotive on-board power supply


Meets the growing functional and diagnostic requirements in the field of intelligent actuators –

TDK is expanding its range of Micronas embedded motor controllers.

The HVC 4420F now offers expanded flash and SRAM memory

Its footprint is now smaller than a standard stamp and saves a lot of space on the board.

It is ideally suited for driving small brush motors, stepper motors or brushless motors.
Samples are available from GLYN’s stock. Production is scheduled to start in 2020.

Larger memory – more possibilities
Each OEM has its own ideas and procedures with regard to diagnostics. These include strategies for sensor data fusion, actuator status detection and the resulting activities.

For data analysis, software routines that activate the underlying hardware diagnostic functions must be implemented. The OEMs’ framework is also taken into account in this regard, so as to ensure proper integration.

Due to its larger memory and integrated diagnostic functions, the HVC 4420F provides both the memory capacity and the computing power to perform these actions – which is one-of-a-kind within intelligent actuators.


The king of computing for diagnostic functions
The HVC 4420F is equipped with a 32-bit CPU core (ARM® Cortex® M3) and 64 KB flash memory. To name but a few examples, it includes a timer / counter, an interrupt controller, a multi-channel ADC, an SPI and enhanced PWM with diagnostic function for safety-critical applications.

An extended LIN UART with LIN 2.x transceiver and voltage regulator to connect the controller directly to the automotive on-board power supply (5.4 V – 18 V) round off the all-in-one concept.

A variety of energy-saving modes cut power consumption. A series of integrated digital and analogue circuit units, such as comparators with virtual star reference, current scaling and a programmable amplifier, enable the user to reduce the number of external components to a minimum.

The HVC 4420F’s high computing power enables processing of complex algorithms for motor control, such as space vector modulation (SVM) for TDK Corporation 2 / 3 permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs), six-step commutation with sensor feedback or sensorless control, as well as various stepper motor configurations.

ASIL A ready
The HVC 4420F can optionally be equipped with production-ready and highly flexible, parametrisable firmware with sophisticated functions for communication, monitoring and power management (ASIL A ready), as well as a configuration tool.
Users can make the application software more efficient and effective and thus optimally design the motor and control combination.


Technical data


HVC 4420F



Temperature range

Automotive Grade 1

Integrated microcontroller  

ARM® Cortex® M3

Maximum load current

Peak current carrying capacity up to 1 A

Diagnostic capability

Integrated hardware and software support

Sample availability

Available from GLYN ex-stock



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