Usable whatever the magnet’s field strength:
ABLIC ZCL Hall IC for brushless DC motors


With the ZCL™, ABLIC has developed a Hall IC (magnetic sensor) that uses a revolutionary new detection method. It works independently of the familiar unipolar or bipolar alignment of conventional Hall ICs.

Conventional bipolar Hall effect ICs cannot detect a signal passing the 0mT (zero millitesla), the S-pole and the N-pole switchpoint, and it takes some time for the signal to be output when it reaches the detection point.
For this reason, a rigorous design is required at the device development stage as dispersion in sensor positional accuracy and in the parts that make up the IC may otherwise affect motor performance in a number of ways.
Also, this bipolar Hall effect IC shortcoming sometimes increased the calibration work load at a manufacturing field.


Detecting the transition between the South Pole and the North Pole and vice versa
The new ZCL™ uses ABLIC’s proprietary ZCL™ technology, which detects and outputs a magnetic signal when it reaches 0 mT (zero millitesla).
This Hall IC significantly increases flexibility in the design of brushless DC motors and allows a far more efficient calibration process. The application’s quality is definitely improved, as the performance of a brushless DC motor with “ZCL™ Hall ICs” is far more stable than one with conventional Hall ICs.

Main features:

  • The Hall IC with the ZCL™ design is an IC that uses a new, innovative method from ABLIC to detect magnetic fields. This is based neither on the unipolar principle, nor the bipolar principle.
  • The ZCL™ Hall IC is packaged in the flattest housing class in the world.
    It is implemented in the QFN housing.
  • Suitable for use in the automotive sector (BLDC motors),
    up to 150°C, 26 V, depending on the product.

Application Examples:

High-performance home appliances that require low power consumption, quiet operation, low noise, low vibrations or other high-performance control features.
(Example: Fans, washing machines, air conditioner indoor units, robot vacuum cleaners, etc.)
In-vehicle motors, industrial motors and other fields that require high reliability and low noise performance.

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