This wireless smart home solution runs on a coin cell:
SILICON LABS Z-Wave 700 Wireless Gecko


Combining the best of two superb solutions:
With the new Z‑Wave 700 series, SILICON LABS is combining Z‑Wave wireless technology with the proven Wireless Gecko SoCs and modules.

Compared to previous Z-Wave products, they provide substantial improvements in terms of processing power, energy efficiency, RF performance and range.

However, these new wireless solutions still are completely compatible and interoperable with existing Z-Wave products.

Starter kit for a quick start
The Z-Wave 700 platform with the Z-Wave software development kit offers you:

  1. Pre-certified software blocks for wireless connection
  2. Data security and encryption (S2 Security)
  3. Simple set-up of terminal devices (Smart Start)

This powerful platform speeds up the development of your smart home application. 

Processor power for smart applications
The integrated ARM Cortex M4 processor running at 39 MHz allows you to integrate
your application software on the module or SoC. You can save an additional co-processor. Sensors and peripherals can be connected using different interfaces.

Economical in consumption
A high level of energy efficiency and long battery life are decisive factors, particularly for battery-powered devices and sensors. The Z-Wave 700 components offer low power consumption in sleep mode, power-saving communication and automatic power management for precisely this purpose. This allows compact smart home sensors running on a single coin cell for up to ten years.

Instant wake-up with FLiRS

In many wireless applications, low power consumption is “bought” by sleep modes with longer wake-up and latency times. With FLiRS (Frequently Listening Routing Slave) technology, Z-Wave 700 products offer low power consumption and short wake-up and response times. The devices wait for a special low-power wake-up beam before switching to normal operating mode. This enables you to achieve constant reception readiness with low energy consumption.

Longer range for better network coverage
With the Z-Wave 700 series, Silicon Labs has significantly improved wireless performance compared to the previous Z-Wave 500 series. With higher transmission power and improved receive sensitivity, communication range of more than 100 m in open areas is possible. This is an increase of around 150% for the USA and around 250% for equipment in Europe and Asia.

Network coverage is thus significantly improved, even inside buildings. A higher range also reduces the number of hops for messages in the network and thus reduces latency times for transmission.


Compatible, secure and easy to install
Z-Wave is specified as an international, open ITU G.9959 standard. More than 700 manufacturers around the world offer compatible devices. This high level of interoperability is ensured by the Z-Wave certification for all devices.
Security and encryption are also implemented in the Z-Wave standard using S2 Security.
Thanks to the Smart Start function, end users can easily set up new devices and integrate them into their smart home network.

EFR32ZG14 SoC modem
The EFR32ZG14 “Zen Gecko” is a modem system-on-chip component in compact QFN 32 package. It is best suited for integration in smart home gateways and controllers.

ZGM130S SiP module
The ZGM130S is a fully integrated Z-Wave module in a compact system-in-package (SiP). Measuring a mere 9 x 9 mm, it contains the baseband controller, sub GHz transceiver, quartz and HF components. The module is therefore ideal for developing compact Z-Wave terminal devices such as sensors, switches, door locks, security systems or gateways.
The Z-Wave 700 components do not require an external SAW filter, so you can cover different Z-Wave frequencies for multiple regions with one product.

Efficient and fast development

In addition to the hardware, the Z-Wave 700 platform also includes a powerful software development kit. Pre-certified software blocks for connectivity, security and Smart Start already include up to 90% of the required functions for an application .

This significantly reduces time and effort for development and certification. The Simplicity Studio development environment offers not only source-level debugging, but also a real-time energy profiler. This enables you to conduct an in-depth analysis and further optimization of  the application’s power consumption.

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