For super-small BLDC drives:
Completely integrated motor control device with power amplifier on one chip


Saves space and money and offers the best EMC compatibility.

You can create super-small devices with quiet BLDC drives using TOSHIBA’s TC78B016FTG motor control device.

Thanks to precise pseudo-sinusoidal current control technology, you can enhance your drives’ efficiency. At the same time, they reduce audible noise and cause low torque ripple and less vibrations.

The TC78B016FTG provides control of brushless motors with Hall sensors up to max. 40 V / 3 A. A brake function is already integrated on the chip.


Convincing technical arguments:

  • The small dimensions of 5 x 5 mm mean that BLDC motors can be used in places
    that they previously couldn’t be.
  • Since the power amplifiers are already integrated, there’s no need for external power semiconductors.
    This reduces the emitted EMC interference.  

InPAC inside – intelligent phase control technology:

  • Automatically adjusts the motor voltage and motor current phases.
  • Automatic phase adjustment achieves optimum efficiency in the rotation range of use.
  • The development time is significantly shortened for you.
    There’s no need for you to carry out complicated software programming.


Available hardware tools:

  • TOSHIBA TC78B016FTG evaluation board.


As a variant for 500 V / 2 A:

  • TB67B000FG (without InPAC).
  • Full-wave sinusoidal PWM.
  • 12 x 17.5 mm.


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