Exceptional scalability for CoMs:
Ka-Ro’s TX Standard has been successful for over ten years


Customers from an extremely wide variety of market segments value Ka-Ro computer-on-modules (CoMs) for three important reasons:

  1. Exceptional scalability
  2. Extensive long-term availability
  3. Comprehensive range of peripheral options

These are important prerequisites when it comes to making long-lasting investment goods, in the likes of applications in medical and automation technology.



Let’s take a short trip down memory lane:
More than 20 years ago, Ka-Ro launched its first computer-on-module on the market, making it a pioneer of this technology.

11 years ago, in 2008, Ka-Ro defined the TX Standard (see the figure) and launched the first TX module, TX-27, on the market. The Standard includes all the key interfaces, including USB, Ethernet and many serial interfaces.

The demand for higher computing and graphics performance has increased steadily since then. The integration of new generations of processors means the Standard remains at the cutting edge of technological development. The modules have always remained compatible with their predecessors. This concept will also be meticulously adhered to in future modules, so as to offer all customers long-term prospects in the rapidly changing world of electronics.

The TX Standard definition:

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet with Phy
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • TFT/LCD  
  • Parallel CMOS sensor
  • Three UART interfaces
  • Two I2S serial audio interfaces
  • Two SDIO interfaces
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • PWM
  • Keypad
  • Two CAN interfaces
  • PCIe
  • SATA


Additional functions – depending on the module:

  • Second Ethernet interface
  • Further serial interfaces
  • Analogue-to-digital converter
  • USB 3.0 


In addition to the continuous further development of the TX series, Ka-Ro attaches a great deal of importance to being able to supply modules that have already been introduced over a very long period of time.

This gives rise to the Ka-Ro TX CoM family’s philosophy of reducing the modules to the bare minimum of components. Application developers and engineers using Ka-Ro CoMs can thus achieve maximum flexibility. Ka-Ro TX CoMs are exclusively equipped with a processor, memory and power supply. All the additional functions can be added to the basic board.

On the one hand, this reduction in the number of components is the key to very competitive prices; on the other, it enables the desired long-term availability.

The COMs of the TX series support the operating systems Linux and Windows.

Display SUPPORT with touch SUPPORT
Many applications require a display control and corresponding touch SUPPORT. GLYN supplies the relevant components with expert advice and SUPPORT.

New modules based on the i.mx8 series will be available in 2019. These are naturally also kept in the TX Standard. Ka-Ro will thus be continuing on its journey down the product compatibility path in the future.

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