Always stay COOL in style! 650 V super-junction MOSFETs with the smallest RDS(ON)


The TK040N65Z is the first component from the new DTMOS VI series from TOSHIBA.
With a reverse voltage of 650 V, it offers the extremely low RDS(ON)max of just 0.04 Ω.

Combined with the low input capacity, the FOM factor (RDS(ON) x Qgd) turns out to be 40% better than the previous generation.

This translates into a considerable gain in efficiency when used in modern, fast-switching power supply units, uninterruptible power supplies and PFCs.



For super-small BLDC drives:
Completely integrated motor control device with power amplifier on one chip


Saves space and money and offers the best EMC compatibility.

You can create super-small devices with quiet BLDC drives using TOSHIBA’s TC78B016FTG motor control device.

Thanks to precise pseudo-sinusoidal current control technology, you can enhance your drives’ efficiency. At the same time, they reduce audible noise and cause low torque ripple and less vibrations.

The TC78B016FTG provides control of brushless motors with Hall sensors up to max. 40 V / 3 A. A brake function is already integrated on the chip.



With 64 KB flash memory and 4 KB SRAM:
Embedded motor controller for 5.4 V –
18 V automotive on-board power supply


Meets the growing functional and diagnostic requirements in the field of intelligent actuators –

TDK Corporation is expanding its range of MICRONAS embedded motor controllers.

The HVC 4420F now offers expanded flash and SRAM memory

Its footprint is now smaller than a standard stamp and saves a lot of space on the board.

It is ideally suited for driving small brush motors, stepper motors or brushless motors.
Samples are available from GLYN’s stock. Production is scheduled to start in 2020.



Flexible - simple - safe:
IGBT driver solutions in a modular system


Ideal form factor from the modular system for the likes of the current EconoPack housings.

With its second-generation IGBT driver solutions, TAMURA is introducing a new low-profile housing concept. 

Whether it’s in the form of a power supply, a gate driver module or a gate driver unit,
there’s the right solution from the new modular system for every developer.



Now only one power source is needed:
Single-gate logic modules for low-voltage operation


Single supply design simplifies PCB layout for applications with voltage level converters.

TOSHIBA is offering a new series of single-gate logic modules with just one power supply for this purpose. The series is made up of 31 modules in total.

It is used for data communication between different components that require voltage level conversion, e.g. between microprocessors and peripherals. The single-gate modules are available in the smallest housing dimensions and ensure that voltage conversion is possible even in applications where space is limited. 


A broad selection of really wide types:
Ultra-wide TFT displays measuring between 3.9” and 28.6”


Bar-type displays are very wide.
They are also very narrow.

This “unconventional” shape means that content can be displayed perfectly in a panoramic view.
And installation in places where space is very tight is conveniently possible.

We offer ultra-wide displays in sizes ranging from 3.9” to 28.6” (diagonal) in our contractual partners’ different resolutions.

You can choose PCAP Touch as an option on most displays.
You can also create an individual appearance with a customised decorative glass pane.



Exceptional scalability for CoMs:
Ka-Ro’s TX Standard has been successful for over ten years


Customers from an extremely wide variety of market segments value Ka-Ro computer-on-modules (CoMs) for three important reasons:

  1. Exceptional scalability
  2. Extensive long-term availability
  3. Comprehensive range of peripheral options

These are important prerequisites when it comes to making long-lasting investment goods, in the likes of applications in medical and automation technology.



Usable whatever the magnet’s field strength:
ABLIC ZCL Hall IC for brushless DC motors


With the ZCL™, ABLIC has developed a Hall IC (magnetic sensor) that uses a revolutionary new detection method. It works independently of the familiar unipolar or bipolar alignment of conventional Hall ICs.




Consumes only 1/3 of the energy of existing sensors:
Currently the most energy-efficient nine-axis motion sensor available



Battery-powered mobile applications can breathe a sigh of relief:

TDK InvenSense’s ICM-20948 is currently the most energy-efficient nine-axis motion sensor in the world. With power of just 2.5 mW, it consumes a mere 1/3 of the energy of existing solutions.

So it’s perfectly suitable for battery-powered mobile applications.

The QFN housing, which measures a mere 3 mm x 3 mm x 1 mm, is a multichip module consisting of two silicone chips. The first chip contains:

  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • 3-axis acceleration sensor
  • Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP)

The second chip contains the 3-axis magnetometer.



This wireless smart home solution runs on a SILICON LABS Z-Wave 700 Wireless Gecko button cell


Combining the best of two superb solutions:
With the new Z‑Wave 700 series, SILICON LABS is combining the Z‑Wave wireless technology with the proven Wireless Gecko SoCs and modules.

The new wireless solutions are completely compatible and interoperable with the existing
Z-Wave products.

The performance was also substantially improved in the areas of energy efficiency, RF performance and range.

Starter kit for a quick start