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Operating BLDC motors 20% more efficiently


Fans, pumps or drives for moving parts in devices like printers or hard drives, and seemingly “invisible” motors in vehicles, the office, at home and in industrial applications make our life easier.

Operating these motors reliably requires a great deal of energy
and energy efficiency is a basic requirement for climate protection in almost every application.
Sometimes it is indispensable if energy is only available to a limited extent such as in battery applications.

Brushless motors (brushless DC, in short: BLDC) are much more resource-friendly
and are being used in more and more applications as a result. The control of BLDC motors is optimised for maximum efficiency in as many operating states as possible. A sinus control also minimises the production of disturbing vibrations and noises.

But there is also plenty of potential for BLDC motors to save more energy or simply utilise energy more efficiently.

And that is where TOSHIBA’s intelligent phase control for BLDC motors comes into play.
Intelligent Phase Control Technology (short: InPAC).

Here, the manufacturer has identified a new method of controlling the phase angle. The intelligent phase control (InPAC) allows the fully automatic control of BLDC motors while minimising power consumption and noise development.

Compared with the popular vector control on BLDC motors, InPAC requires fewer components and allows for simpler designs.

A controller with InPAC detects the rotor position and the phase angle of the motor current and regulates the induction voltage automatically in the same phase position. With conventional sinus control, developers must decide whether maximum efficiency should be reached at low or high speed, whereas InPAC maximises efficiency at any speed. Consequently, the power consumption can be reduced by about 20% compared to conventional technology.

You can find out how by watching our video:

Or reading our flyer: InPac – Intelligent Phase Control Technology (872 KB)

You can already use this new technology with the following components:

Type Operating Voltage [V]  Output Current [A]  Drive method Package
TC78B016FTG (651 KB) 6…30 3,0 Sine-wave WQFN36 (5x5 mm)
TC78B025FTG (607 KB) 5,5…16 3,5 Sine-wave VQFN24 (4x4 mm)

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