For long-term stable measurement of air quality:
The world´s first siloxane-resistant VOC sensors

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Air quality has a considerable impact on our well-being, comfort and productivity.

We spend approx. 90% of our time indoors, where the concentration of gaseous pollutants is significantly higher than outdoors.

The improved insulation of buildings leads to even poorer air circulation

and causes the build up of increasingly higher concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air we breathe.

These VOCs (volatile organic compounds) mainly come from substances like paints and solvents and can be found in cleaning products, carpets and furniture. People also emit them via respiration and through the skin.

High VOC values have a negative impact on our personal well-being and our cognitive abilities.

Determining precise VOC measured values

That said, the concentration of VOCs in the air can be prevented or significantly reduced, e.g. through regular ventilation. Another measure is to increase the air supply via heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) or to use electric air purifiers.

SENSIRION's multi-pixel gas sensors enable accurate measurement of the TVOC (Total VOC), thereby helping to increase the efficiency of the ventilation and air purification.
The demand-based management of the fresh air supply reduces energy consumption. It also extends the change intervals of the filters.
Awareness of VOC sources and their contribution to air pollution is increasing.

The relationship between indoor air quality and volatile organic compounds

Sensirion Indoor Air Quality and Volatile Organic Compounds 2017.10

Here you can see the relationship between indoor air quality and volatile organic compounds clearly explained

Conventional metal oxide gas sensors suffer from a lack of long-term stability. This is reflected in the sudden loss of sensitivity and a significantly slower response time. In most cases, they become unfit for purpose after only a few months.

The cause of this deterioration is contamination of the sensor element by certain chemical compounds like siloxane. The sensor is continuously exposed to this, owing to its presence in indoor air!

Optimised metal oxide sensor materials combined with Sensirion's multi-pixel gas measuring platform demonstrate a unique resistance to contamination by siloxane.  The MOXSens® technology therefore enables unprecedented long-term stability and accuracy.

This could yield a lifespan of up to 10 years and more.

As a result, the sensors offer a new option for the measurement of indoor air quality.
They provide pre-processed and calibrated indoor air quality signals via an I²C interface.

The sensors of the SGP family are available now.
Further information is available here:

Type  Gases  Supply Voltage [V]  Interface  Package Size [mm]  Datasheet  Webshop
SGP30 Total VOC in ppb 
H2-based CO2 eq. in ppm 
1,62…1,98  I²C  2,45 x 2,45 x 0,9   SGP30  SGP30
SGPC3 Total VOC in ppb  1,62…1,98  I²C  2,45 x 2,45 x 0,9  SGPC3  SGPC3

A complete sensor module with additional measurement of the relative humidity and temperature will be available in the near future.

Type  Gases  Supply Voltage [V]  Interface  Package Size [mm] 
Total VOC in ppb
H2-based CO2 eq. in ppm
Relative humidity
4,5…5,5  I²C  39 x 15 x 6,5

Quick start with an evaluation kit


The SEK-SGP30 and SEK-SGPC3 evaluation kits are available to enable you to discover the possibilities offered by the SGP sensors.

They not only allow you to evaluate the VOC sensors, but also our latest moisture and temperature sensors. And all at the same time.

This combination gives you an even more comprehensive overview of your indoor air quality. 

The SEK-SGPxx kits come with comprehensive equipment.
They include two SGP30 or SGPC3 VOC sensors and one SHT31, SHTC1 and SHTW2 humidity sensor. Delivery also includes a sensor cable and USB cable for connection to a PC. The applicable software can be downloaded from the Sensirion website and is available for Windows, MacOSX (experimental) and Linux.

The evaluation kits are also available now.

Type  Device Type  Quick start guide  Webshop
SEK-SHTxx / SGP30 Evaluation Kit SEK-SHTxx / SGP30 SEK-SHTxx / SGP30
SEK-SGPC3  Evaluation Kit SEK-SGPC3  SEK-SGPC3 

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