Battery management systems from RENESAS:
Managing Li-ion the right way –
so that everything is always as it should be…


Intersil is now called RENESAS.

The Japanese semiconductor manufacturer will retain Intersil as a product brand and further develop its expertise in the areas of high-performance power management and analogue precision instruments.

RENESAS is setting new strategic priorities, especially for battery management systems (BMS for short).

The efficiency of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is at a very high level, and they can be found in almost every area. This includes e-mobility in vehicles or e-pedelecs, game consoles in the leisure industry, portable devices and also household applications like shavers or lawn mower robots. The areas of application are extremely diverse, and the number is increasing all the time.

It all depends on the right Li-ion management
The battery life of the Li-ion is rapidly reduced as soon as several battery cells are interconnected. Intelligent BMSs, e.g. the ISL94203 from RENESAS, are used to counteract this effect.

The ISL94203 monitors and protects three to eight cells connected in series. It ensures optimum charging processes and provides a high level of security for the entire system.
This single-chip BMS solution is highly configurable. For example, it can also be controlled by an external micro-controller via an I²C interface.

Note the nine key features of the ISL94203:

  1. Eight cell voltage monitors support Li-ion CoO2, Li-ion Mn2O4 and Li-ion FePO4 chemicals
  2. Stand-alone pack control – a micro-controller is not required
  3. Several protective functions (each programmable to 4.8 V; 12-bit digital value) as well as selectable overcurrent protection levels
  4. Programmable acquisition and recovery times for overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit
  5. Configuration/calibration registers via EEPROM
  6. Detection of open battery connections
  7. Integrated charge/discharge FET driver circuit with built-in charge pump, supports high-side N-channel FETs 
  8. Cell balancing uses external FETs with an internal status machine or an external micro-controller
  9. Ultra low-power thanks to intelligent power-saving modes.

Typical applications for the ISL94203 include electric tools, e-bikes and battery back-up systems.

Quick start with RENESAS evaluation boards
Evaluation boards are available for the RENESAS BMS. You will find further information on our homepage at Products/Analoge-ICs/INTERSIL.


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