Sierra Wireless Connectivity & Smart SIM:
Optimally connected to the Internet of Things

Have you already chosen the right SIM card for your IoT application?

Did you know?
Conventional SIM cards from mobile network providers are design for typical consumer applications. However, IoT applications often have completely different requirements. For this reason, maximum network availability and a stable, reliable data connection can be crucial.

The connectivity solution from Sierra Wireless has entered the equation.
The market leader for M2M mobile network solutions is most familiar with the requirements of the industry, and has already fine-tuned its M2M solution to meet them. 

Mobile network from Sierra Wireless
As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Sierra Wireless uses the mobile base stations of existing networks to bridge the “final mile” to end devices. The core network for the transmission of data is operated by Sierra Wireless itself. This constellation makes it possible for Sierra Wireless to offer international SIM cards for IoT and M2M applications.

Many networks for better availability
In each country, Sierra Wireless has service sharing agreements with at least two local network operator. As a result, a Sierra Wireless SIM card offers better network coverage and availability than a local SIM card.

Ideal for IoT applications
Sierra Wireless offers attractive data tariffs for IoT applications with a variety of country-specific packages, like EU+USA. Mobile tracking applications in particular benefit from affordable tariffs in the area of use. But these also lend themselves to stationary applications, as they avoid roaming charges for foreign networks in applications near country borders. It also simplifies the product logistics when fewer SIM cards are used.

Smart SIM – the intelligent SIM for IoT
The Sierra Wireless Smart SIM is the intelligent SIM card, specially designed for IoT applications. This way, your application does not simply log into the first available network or that of the preferred roaming partner. Instead, all available mobile networks are checked, and the best one is selected.

Monitoring of the data connection for better reliability
The Sierra Wireless Smart SIM can also continuously monitor the quality of the data connection. In the event of a drop in connection quality, this makes it possible to switch to a better network without interrupting the data connection. This way, you always have the best possible availability for your data connection. 

Small, smaller, solderable
Sierra Wireless provides the SIM cards in the popular 2FF (mini SIM), 3FF (micro SIM) and 4FF (nano SIM) formats, and in the form of a SIM chip in an MFF2 and WLCSP package that can be soldered into place.

…or directly integrated in the module?
At the Mobile World Congress 2017, Sierra Wireless introduced a further milestone for future IoT applications: These new modules and gateways already contain an integrated SIM chip for international use. 

As a result, you can omit the external SIM card entirely, and make your application even more compact. Your devices are also quickly and easier to use as there is no need for elaborate routing of the SIM card to the devices. This enables more streamlined processes, a faster time-to-market for your products, and thus quicker success.

The first devices with an integrated SIM will be the 3G/UMTS module HL8518 for use in Europe, and the FX30 programmable gateway, which will become available in Q3/2017.

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