Secure contact even when exposed to vibration and shock:
High-speed board-edge connectors with 314 contacts for MXM 3.0

Fulfils the requirements in MXM 3.0
YAMAICHI now offers a 314-pin version of its automotive industry-proven board-edge connector, in addition to the 230-pin version.

The manufacturer thus enables MXM applications with increased demand for high speed signal contacts. 314 high-speed contacts and high durability combined in one system.

To achieve this, YAMAICHI draws on a proven design. As a result, the contacts has the necessary properties to ensure stable contact force, even when exposed to vibrations and shock, for example. 

The spring properties of the contacts also enables tolerance compensation and secure data transmission, even using modules with dimensions at the tolerance limit.

As new feature is the extended function of the positioning of the screws at the side of the module. To facilitate the insertion of the circuit board, the screw tabs can be folded out. After assembling the module, the tabs are then positioned and screwed in from above with the module and connector. This keeps the module fixed firmly in place, even when exposed to vibrations and shock.

The enlarged SM tabs function as a ground connection and SMT connection to the motherboard, in addition to the 314 contacts.

The connector is currently available with a 0.1-µm-thick layer of Au gold in the contact area. It is packaged and shipped in T&R. The manufacturing process is almost entirely automated. 

Additional information available upon request.

Datenblatt CNU113-314-2201-VE (YEU-A3049-A) (with patent stamp) (385 KB)