Affordable, low power consumption, optimum network coverage:
LTE-M and NB-IoT wireless technology for M2M applications

The development of mobile network technology has for years been moving in one direction:
Increasingly fast data transfer rates for mobile Internet usage.
3G and 4G networks are becoming increasingly widespread.

This logically poses the question:
What are the long-term prospects for M2M applications in 2G networks?

Most of the time, M2M applications do not require the high data rates provided by the latest 4G technologies. 

With LTE-M and NB-IoT there are now new technologies specially designed for M2M and IoT applications. They offer a long-term alternative to 2G mobile networks based on current mobile network technology.

The three “Cs” for IoT: Cost, Current, Coverage

For IoT applications, the “three Cs” are often important requirements:

  • Cost: affordable cost of devices and services
  • Current: low power consumption and longer battery life
  • Coverage: best possible network coverage and range

In mobile network technologies prior to now, these could only be realised to a limited extent.

With the new LPWA technologies LTE-M and NB-IoT, this is now possible.

The LTE-M (Cat-M1) is based on 4G LTE technology. This offers data rates up to 350 kbps and even supports voice telephony, making it ideal for real-time or mobile applications.

NB-IoT (Cat-NB1) is a 4G and 2G technology. It supports data rates of up to 65 kbps. This makes it ideal for applications such as sensors.

Sierra Wireless HL-Series: compatible, scalable, interchangeable

The Sierra Wireless modules from the HL77xx series are simply interchangeable with other 2G, 3G or 4G modules from the HL-series, thanks to a compatible CF3 form factor. This lets you adapt your application to new technologies for the most varied of requirements in a scalable fashion.

The HL7718 and HL7748 module for use in America are expected to be available in Q3/2017. Further modules for other regions and NB-IoT will follow.

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