Small but OHO and equipped with up to 3.4 GHz AAEONs NANO ePC series with a really “cool” cooling concept

With external dimensions of just 150 x 125 x 55 mm, the NANO series by AAEON may not be square but it is absolutely practical and high in quality.
Very high, in fact, considering its performance.

For example, it is available with a Intel® Core™ i7 of the 6th-generation “Skylake”. With a processor frequency of 3.4 GHz, it's truly impressive!


Affordable, low power consumption, optimum network coverage:
LTE-M and NB-IoT wireless technology for M2M applications

The development of mobile network technology has for years been moving in one direction:
Increasingly fast data transfer rates for mobile Internet usage.
3G and 4G networks are becoming increasingly widespread.

This logically poses the question:
What are the long-term prospects for M2M applications in 2G networks?

Most of the time, M2M applications do not require the high data rates provided by the latest 4G technologies. 


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Current MITSUBISHI power electronics catalogues

All current MITSUBISHI power units at a glance.

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We have done it for you.

You can now download two MITSUBISHI power electronics catalogues as well as the latest product flyers here.


Sierra Wireless Connectivity & Smart SIM:
Optimally connected to the Internet of Things

Have you already chosen the right SIM card for your IoT application?

Did you know?
Conventional SIM cards from mobile network providers are design for typical consumer applications. However, IoT applications often have completely different requirements. For this reason, maximum network availability and a stable, reliable data connection can be crucial.

The connectivity solution from Sierra Wireless has entered the equation.
The market leader for M2M mobile network solutions is most familiar with the requirements of the industry, and has already fine-tuned its M2M solution to meet them. 


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900 V GaN Power

In the third quarter of 2017, TRANSPHORM will release its first samples of a 900 V GaN variant to the market.

By doing so, the manufacturer is responding to huge demand for a higher voltage range. With the currently available GaN components, TRANSPHORM covers ranges of 600 V and 650 V very effectively.

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Secure contact even when exposed to vibration and shock:
High-speed board-edge connectors with 314 contacts for MXM 3.0

Fulfils the requirements in MXM 3.0
YAMAICHI now offers a 314-pin version of its automotive industry-proven board-edge connector, in addition to the 230-pin version.

The manufacturer thus enables MXM applications with increased demand for high speed signal contacts. 314 high-speed contacts and high durability combined in one system.


NLT becomes TIANMA:
Different name –
Same high quality

From July 2017, the European subsidiary of Chinese parent company TIANMA Microelectronics will have a new name: TIANMA Europe GmbH.

The Japanese subsidiary NLT Technologies will likewise be renamed TIANMA Japan. The reason for the name change is the strength of the TIANMA brand on a global level and the strategic decision to present a unified image, according to CEO Peng Cui.

TIANMA will continue to meet the challenges of the market with a broad portfolio, reliable service, and especially, high quality standards. The collaboration between TIANMA and GLYN will continue to be strengthened and expanded. TIANMA will remain a strong focus partner for the future “Displays & System Solutions Teams” strategy, with whom we will continue to work closely with to guarantee you maximum support.