SENSIRION environmental sensors:
The energy-efficient solution for heating and climate control

A pleasant indoor climate...
A building's technical infrastructure and the precise measurement of environmental influences form the basis for this.

SENSIRION's sensor solutions will help you to operate

  • single-family homes
  • industrial buildings
  • entire building complexes

with energy efficiency while simultaneously increasing your comfort.

The interdependencies inside of buildings are often particularly complex.
Recording the correct measurements can be quite a challenge here. 

And it is precisely here that SENSIRION has developed the right solution for you with its humidity sensors, temperature sensors and differential pressure sensors!

Precise differential pressure sensors
Differential pressure sensors are the reliable solution for precise mass flow measurements in highly-demanding Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications.

Precise regulation of the airflows results in significantly lower operating costs in HVAC systems: 

  1. Reduction in the fan output
  2. Reduced air treatment requirements
    (heating / cooling / dehumidifying / humidifying)
  3. Longer filter service lives

This is why variable volumetric airflow essential in today's buildings.
The volumetric airflow must be dynamically regulated as a function of air quality, room temperature and humidity or room occupancy by persons.

SENSIRION's differential pressure sensors are fully calibrated and temperature-compensated as well as free from any zero point drift.

You will find the suitable differential pressure sensor for your application in our overview:

Sensirion Differential Pressure Product Flyer 2017.01 (PDF, 600 KB) 

Intelligent humidity and temperature sensors
Intelligent humidity and temperature sensors determine the essential measurements for optimal room air and climate monitoring. They provide one of the most important bases for comfortable room air-conditioning.

The SENSIRION humidity and temperature sensors emit a completely calibrated digital output signal. They are distinguished by a particularly long service life.

An overview of our preferred models can be found in our flyer: 

Humidity Sensors Flyer (PDF, 388 KB)


For more information please contact your local GLYN sales office.