Panel PCs as a family concept:
Interchangeable modules from 10.4 to 21.5 inches

The AAEON OMNI series meets all the requirements for a modular and scalable panel PC.

The manufacturer starts with seven display sizes ranging from 10.4 to 21.5 inches.
All of the OMNI panel PCs are modularly interchangeable.

The OMNI series devices are equipped with a wide range of input voltages from 9 V to 30 V and can thus be flexibly integrated.

The refined housing design enables reliable, fan-free operation at temperatures ranging from -20 °C bis 55 °C. 

The high-grade aluminium housing meets IP65 (Industrial Protection). The panel is thus protected from sand and dust penetration and is also safeguarded against spray water from all directions. This makes the panel PCs ideally suited for more prolonged operation and heavier use than HMI or at the POS.

Can be freely combined - Meets demands and performance requirements

The AAEON OMNI series offers a suitable display size for nearly every application. Whether you want a projective-capacitive or an analogue-resistive touchscreen – you can freely combine various touchscreen technologies with different display sizes.

The panels of the OMNI series are equipped with a practical CPU box on the reverse side. This can be selectively equipped with the energy-efficient Intel® Celeron® processors or the powerful Intel® Core™ i processors and thus be scaled for your individual application. The CPU-BOX additionally includes "state-of-the-Art" connectivity and multiple I/Os, such as four USB 3.0 interfaces, HDMI, Gigabit-LAN and two COM interfaces.

Conveniently connect additional modules to the CPU Box

Instead of customised adaptations for additional interfaces such as DI/O or CANBus, which currently still need to be produced elsewhere and then require the use of MOQs, the OMNI series will now let you simply choose from a selection of auxiliary modules. The auxiliary modules can be connected to your CPU box very conveniently and simply need to be fastened with 2 screws.

Unique modularity for panel PCs
Modularity meets flexibility. You can purchase your individual customised panel PC "off-the-shelf".

And all this starting at just one piece