Ideal for power supplies, DC/DC converters, and fast chargers:
TOSHIBAs 100 V MOSFETs in the SOP Advance housing

TOSHIBA is expanding its 100 V MOSFET series to include two components with low ON resistance:

  • TPH6R30ANL with 45 A and 6.3 mΩ RDS(ON)
  • TPH4R10ANL with 70 A and 4.1 mΩ RDS(ON)

SUPPORT for 4.5 V logic level drive enables buffer-less drive from the controller IC, contributing to reducing power consumption.

The MOSFETS are designed for fast chargers, power supplies and DC/DC converters.

The components are produced using the TOSHIBA U-MOS VIII-H trench process. This reduces the penetration on-resistance and achieves fast switching behaviour. 

Suited for even the smallest applications
The MOSFETs are supplied in the SOP-Advance housing with an area of 5 x 6 mm and a construction height of just 0.95 mm.

Increased system efficiency
The performance in switching applications is increased by the improved FoM factor (Figure of Merit). The low output charge reduces the output losses, which contributes to higher system efficiency.

Both components are available in sample quantities ex-stock from GLYN.

The precise technical data can be found here:




For more information please contact your local GLYN sales office.