Your gateway to the world of the Internet of Things:Sierra Wireless FX30 Programmable Gateway


With the FX30 Programmable Gateway, Sierra Wireless is presenting a new platform for IoT applications.

The FX30 is the smallest and most flexible programmable mobile communication gateway from this manufacturer. It enables the easy connection of applications with the world of the Internet of Things.

Organisations and industries around the world are influenced by the Internet of Things. It enables higher productivity and better customer service, as well as new business models. But connection of “things” to the Internet can be complex, expensive and time-consuming. Here, with the FX30, Sierra Wireless now offers a solution – compact, cheap and fast.

Based on the Sierra Wireless AirPrime WP series, it offers 2G, 3G and 4G mobile communication with an integrated embedded Linux system. The FX30 is best suited to be a flexible gateway for various applications, such as industrial controllers, laboratory and medical technology, infrastructure and energy, commercial applications, telematics and much more. Via the AirVantage Cloud Services from Sierra Wireless, a whole host of FX30-based applications can be monitored, administered and remotely controlled.

With the FX30, Sierra Wireless is building on the success of the Fastrack Xtend series.
Thanks to the integration of mobile communication, an application processor for in-house software and flexible interfaces in a compact and robust housing, the FX30 is well-equipped for its role as a programmable IoT gateway.

The embedded Linux-based Legato is used as the software platform for the FX30. It offers a secure application framework, a Linux distribution and an extensive development environment. The robust APIs of the Legato framework allow easy and secure connection to various Cloud and network services. This enables developers to concentrate on the core of the application, and so to develop IoT applications with added value.

Options for 2G, 3G and 4G mobile communication, globally usable frequency combinations and numerous approvals make the FX30 an ideal platform for regional and global applications.

The FX30 supports the use of the Sierra Wireless Multi-Operator Smart SIM. By using the best network operator, you can then achieve the best class of network coverage and connection quality. Thanks to compatibility with the GSMA eUICC specification, a remote configuration of the SIM card will be possible in future. This allows the network operator or tariff model to be easily changed “over the air”.

Even the hardware interfaces of the FX30 demonstrate a high degree of flexibility. Varieties are available with Ethernet or serial RS232 interfaces. In addition, all models have a USB interface, freely programmable GPIOs and an IoT connector expansion slot. The IoT connector enables simple expansion of the FX30 with additional interfaces, sensors or wireless modules.

This makes the FX30 extremely flexible and allows it to be easily adapted to the requirements of various applications.

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