Detects and corrects bit errors:1 GBit DDR3 DRAM with Error Correction Code (ECC)


Manufacturer ISSI expands its DRAM range with a 1GBit DDR3 variant with integrated Error Correction Code (ECC).

The module detects and corrects bit errors directly “on the fly”. Additional monitoring via special software or hardware is no longer necessary.

The DRAM is backwardly compatible with standard DDR3s.

Currently, the following two versions are available:

  • IS46TR16640ED as 64 Mbit x16 arranged in 96-ball BGA housing
  • IS46TR81280ED as 128 Mbit x8 arranged in 78-ball BGA housing


Both versions work at 1.5 V and are available in three automotive temperature ranges: A1 (-40 to 95 °C); A2 (-40 to 105 °C) and A3 (-40 to 125 °C).

The ECC function allows the use of the DDR3 DRAMs in a broad range of automotive, medical and industrial applications, in which a low, or even a zero-error tolerance is required.

ISSI also offers an additional long-term product service life support of 8 to 10 years without die shrink, which is in particular demand in the automotive and industrial sectors.

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