The most successful display family –
Part 1:
Over half a million devices in use


Displays with different interfaces and short product life cycles are a challenge for developers and buyers.

The solution – The GLYN TFT family concept. 
With over half a million displays in use, it has progressed to a standard.

Nearly 10 years ago a success story began in Europe, which for the first time offered a solution to the above-mentioned challenges.

Thanks to the cooperation between manufacturers, distributors and industrial companies, there is a standardised TFT family with diagonal sizes from 3.5” to 7.0”. 


Proven further improvements:
SENSIRION differential pressure sensors with current consumption of less than 1 µA

The differential pressure sensors of the new SDP800 series are the reliable solution for precise mass flow measurement in demanding but
cost-sensitive HVAC applications.

These include variable volume flow control systems, heating burners, heat recovery systems and filter monitoring, for instance.

With its new differential pressure sensors, SENSIRION offers housing compatibility with previous generations.

The manufacturer has integrated a new sensor chip in the housing of the proven SDP600 series.



Wireless solutions for the Internet of Things:
LM Technologies now available throughout Europe from GLYN


With immediate effect, GLYN has expanded its product portfolio in the wireless sector with modules and adaptors from British manufacturer, LM Technologies.

The manufacturer offers wireless solutions for WiFi and Bluetooth:

  • Modules for integration
  • Adapters as easy-to-connect plug-and-play solutions

LM Technologies uses the chip sets of renowned manufacturers such as Broadcom, CSR or Realtek for its products.  

Alongside proprietary hardware. LM Technologies also develops in-house firmware solutions for its own products. The focus here is on high quality at prices in line with the market.



Your gateway to the world of the Internet of Things:
Sierra Wireless FX30 Programmable Gateway


With the FX30 Programmable Gateway, Sierra Wireless is presenting a new platform for IoT applications.

The FX30 is the smallest and most flexible programmable mobile communication gateway from this manufacturer. It enables the easy connection of applications with the world of the Internet of Things.



Detects and corrects bit errors:
1 GBit DDR3 DRAM with Error Correction Code (ECC)

Manufacturer ISSI expands its DRAM range with a 1GBit DDR3 variant with integrated Error Correction Code (ECC). The module detects and corrects bit errors directly “on the fly”. Additional monitoring via special software or hardware is no longer necessary. The DRAM is backwardly compatible with standard DDR3s.



Use for 7 years and longer:
DRAM module from Xmore® industrial with “built-in” long-term availability


DRAM ICs are often installed from the latest batches in the DRAM module series of many manufacturers. The result: You have to obtain new releases regularly and at short intervals.

Save yourself from this expensive process in future by using DRAM modules!

DRAM ICs from ISSI are installed on the DRAM modules from Xmore®. The manufacturer is characterised by the extremely long availability of its DRAM ICs: on average approx. 7 years and more without a “DIE change”. DRAM ICs from ISSI also offer exceptional quality.