Paves the way to an ISO 26262 conform system solution:
Hall switch family HAL15xy in TO92 housing

Stay prepared and future-proof for the continuously tightening safety criteria in the automotive sector.

The ISO 26262 compliant Hall switch series from MICRONAS is now available in a wired TO92-UA housing. It guarantees continuous function and process monitoring even in the smallest vehicle components.

The HAL15xy is characterised by outstanding performance, robustness and safety as well as a reduced power consumption. 

  • Developed according to ISO26262
  • ASIL-A-ready
  • "Power On" self-test
  • THT (T092UA) housing available in a spread and unspread design

The continuously tightening safety criteria in the automotive sector place the highest demands in terms of function and process monitoring, even on the smallest vehicle components.

MICRONAS developed a new ISO 26262 compliant sensor family HAL15xy to meet these functional safety requirements. With a single point fault metric of more than 60 %, the HAL15xy offers more diagnostic functions than any other standard switch previously available on the market.

Furthermore, the HAL15xy can run an integral self-test, which provides an opportunity to test the internal signal path and identify wire breaks.

HAL15xy based systems can meet the new safety standards more easily thanks to integral safety functions and the ISO 26262 compliant development process. The AEC-Q100 qualified HAL15xy sensor family was designed for faultless operation, even under challenging conditions.

In this case, the IC offers a broad supply voltage range extending from 2.7 V for reliable measurements in the event of voltage drops to 40 V for enhanced stability in the event of voltage peaks such as load dump impulses at ambient temperatures of −40 to 150 °C.

In addition to the compact SMD housing SOT23 with footprint and housing design according to the JEDEC standard, MICRONAS now also offers the HAL15xy in the same established TO92-UA housing from the HAL5xy switch series, of which two billion sensors have already been sold.

The TO92 housings from MICRONAS now also benefit from a new fully automatic integral process that renders mechanical bending superfluous and provides preformed spread connecting legs of a higher quality. Connecting lengths of up to 20 mm are now possible, offering a broader application spectrum through simplified assembly and costs savings in the production process.

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