Industrial CoM baseboard, now available as a starter kit:
Get started with the ACLAVIS® CoM quick starter sets


Change the performance class with a single click:

The popular ACLAVIS® CoM baseboards are now available as a starter kit.

The two baseboards designed for serial use are now available as an ACLAVIS® CoM quick starter set:

  • Version with LVDS display interface
  • Version for connecting the GLYN TFT family concept

Powerful “engine” for quick starts
We have selected two powerful COM modules as “engines” for the starter kits. Both are based on the i-mx6 family from NXP and have a powerful graphics coprocessor such as the TX6S-8035 with 512 Mbyte RAM and 4 GByte eMMC for the ACLAVIS-TTL starter kit. The ACLAVIS-LVDS starter kit comes with a TX6U-8033 Dual Core module with 1 GByte RAM and 4 GByte eMMC. 

Using 25 TFTs from the GLYN TFT family concept directly
With the display connectors used, GLYN provides a large number of TFTs with or without PCAP, including a matching cable!

Arduino compatible hole matrix
The ACLAVIS® CoM baseboards offer you a host of interfaces such as CAN, USB, SD card and Ethernet. Both boards are fitted with an Arduino compatible hole matrix, which allow you to connect the most common shields with ease.

Comprehensive tool concept
A quick start version of the new starter kit is available. This unique tool concept makes entry much easier for the developer. The starter kit also has a virtual machine (VM) that provides the tool chain and packets required to develop independent software using Qt Creator or Eclipse and transfer it to the target hardware. The µCross Cross-SDK from the company kernel concepts forms the centrepiece of the machine. Developers can create a runtime system for their application in just a few clicks using the image builder that accompanies the SDK. Within a few minutes, it is then available as a .tar.gz archive or ready flash image for installation on the target system.

Use the powerful SUPPORT packages

The package also includes two hours of e-mail SUPPORT from kernel concepts to accelerate the development of your products even more.

The µCross package by kernel concepts is a professionally maintained software platform that helps you quickly develop a functioning product from the very start of the development phase. Entry into the embedded world of Linux is significantly easier as a result.

Starter kit components and technical details:



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