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Your modular IoT gateway...

In order to develop a reliable IoT application, you need to combine and evaluate several hardware and software components with one another.

Radio module, processor, operating system, software framework, SIM card/connectivity and cloud solution must be reliably adapted and combined with one another. The security of the application and data transmission also play a decisive role. Integrating all of these elements independently can require a significant development effort.

Some of these topics may be “uncharted territory” for you and require some time to become familiar with.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – we have something else for you:
Use the integrated Device to Cloud solution from Sierra Wireless!

Save time and money during the development phase with this stable, tried-and-tested platform for your application so that you can concentrate all of your resources on the core function of your application and innovative solutions.

The Sierra Wireless FX30 offers the perfect platform for your IoT gateway application. All the necessary components are already adapted to one another:

  • WP series: intelligent mobile radio modules with application processor
  • Legato: Open source embedded Linux software platform
  • Smart SIM: for best possible network coverage
  • AirVantage Cloud Service: for user data and remote device management

You can connect the FX30 easily to existing systems via standard interfaces such as USB and Ethernet or serial RS232/RS485. 

You can also extend the FX30 extremely flexibly: simply insert the correct expansion card into the “IoT connector” slot. Additional functions such as WiFi/Bluetooth, ZigBee/Thread, CAN bus, Ethernet or other interfaces are already available. This flexible solution simplifies and accelerates the development of your adapted IoT gateway.

And if a compatible extension is not available for your special application: Get in touch – we would be glad to offer our assistance.

The expansion cards can also be used for “mangOH” development boards. You can use up to three of these cards simultaneously to open up further options.







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