Gateway development? Connection solutions!


In order to develop a reliable IoT application, you need to combine and evaluate several hardware and software components with one another.

Radio module, processor, operating system, software framework, SIM card/connectivity and cloud solution must be reliably adapted and combined with one another. The security of the application and data transmission also play a decisive role. Integrating all of these elements independently can require a significant development effort.


The most successful display family – Part 2:
5 good reasons why the industry uses this standard...

The GLYN TFT family concept was launched onto the market almost 10 years ago. It is the most successful display family with over half a million devices in use.

What is the secret of its success?

This family offers a solution for challenges faced by developers on a daily basis. Five of these solutions are listed below.

  1. Only one voltage
  2. Only one connector
  3. Compatibility within the family
  4. LEDs easy to dim
  5. Good availability


WiFi and Bluetooth integrated:
Quad Core CoM with Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E

With powerful Quad Core processor for demanding embedded applications:

The new TXSD computer-on module from Ka-Ro based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410E. It offers integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as extended graphic and multimedia support. An energy-efficient design ensures that it is also ideal for battery-operated applications.


Industrial CoM baseboard, now available as a starter kit:
Get started with the ACLAVIS® CoM quick starter sets

Change the performance class with a single click:

The popular ACLAVIS® CoM baseboards are now available as a starter kit.

The two baseboards designed for serial use are now available as an ACLAVIS® CoM quick starter set:

  • Version with LVDS display interface
  • Version for connecting the GLYN TFT family concept

Powerful “engine” for quick starts
We have selected two powerful COM modules as “engines” for the starter kits. Both are based on the i-mx6 family from NXP and have a powerful graphics coprocessor such as the TX6S-8035 with 512 Mbyte RAM and 4 GByte eMMC for the ACLAVIS-TTL starter kit. The ACLAVIS-LVDS starter kit comes with a TX6U-8033 Dual Core module with 1 GByte RAM and 4 GByte eMMC.


Paves the way to an ISO 26262 conform system solution:
Hall switch family HAL15xy in TO92 housing

Stay prepared and future-proof for the continuously tightening safety criteria in the automotive sector.

The ISO 26262 compliant Hall switch series from MICRONAS is now available in a wired TO92-UA housing. It guarantees continuous function and process monitoring even in the smallest vehicle components.

The HAL15xy is characterised by outstanding performance, robustness and safety as well as a reduced power consumption. 

  • Developed according to ISO26262
  • ASIL-A-ready
  • "Power On" self-test
  • THT (T092UA) housing available in a spread and unspread design