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TOSHIBA isolating amplifier with Delta-Sigma converter

Continuous monitoring of phase current and voltage fluctuations in fault-prone environments is essential for motor controllers.

TOSHIBA offers accurate isolating amplifiers to facilitate current and voltage measurement for this purpose.

The integrated Delta-Sigma A/D converter registers even the smallest currents and voltage fluctuations with high accuracy.

  • Highest linearity of 0.02 % for NL200 (typical) in the whole sector
  • Isolation voltage 5,000 Veff (min.)
  • Operating temperature range from -40 to 105 °C.

 Available versions:

TLP7820  TLP7920  TLP7830  TLP7930
Analogue output Analogue output Digital output Digital output
SO8L housing DIP8 housing SO8L housing DIP8 housing

Ideal for space-sensitive applications:
You can save up to 30% space on the circuit board compared to DIP-8 versions by using the small SO8L housing. The height is also reduced by 40%.

The isolating amplifiers provide guaranteed resistance to common mode interference of
20 kV/μs (typ. @VCM = 1 kV, Ta = 25°C). They ensure stable operation of drive controllers in fault-prone environments. The applications include servo amplifiers, power inverters, power supplies and photovoltaic power inverters.

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