The ACLAVIS® CoM base board measures just 100 x 65 mm! The simple route to an industrial mini-computer

This industrial grade CoM base board keeps you capable and flexible.
Simply exchange the CoM module with a single click!

The ACLAVIS® CoM baseboard offers you this functionality using just 100 x 65 mm build size!

Combined with the Ka-Ro TX CoM modules, it becomes a very cost-effective mini-computer! 

You can combine the baseboard with all CoM modules in the TX range in any way you like.
It works over a temperature range of -40 to 85 °C.
This base board only needs a power supply of 5 V.

The ACLAVIS® CoM base board provides you with a variety of interfaces, including CAN, USB, SD-Card, Ethernet or PCIe. 

Breadboard (Arduino compatible)
In addition to these interfaces, the board also has an Arduino-compatible breadboard in order to connect popular shields. Small extensions of the circuit can therefore easily be retrofitted.

TFTs from 3.5“ [8.9 cm] to 7“ [17.8 cm] and touch panels can easily be incorporated
The TFTs from the GLYN family concept can also be incorporated with the ACLAVIS® CoM base board. The standardised 40-pin interface ensures easy exchange of 3.5“ [8.9 cm] to 7“ [17.8 cm] screens with and without capacitative touch function.

Complete panel PC solution
The essence of the base board:  The small build size of the board makes it easy to attach it to the back of the 7" [17.8 cm] TFT family concept panel. In this way, you can implement a complete panel PC solution.

The ACLAVIS® CoM baseboard is partially equipped. It can be optionally extended by a few components. These include up to three 10-pin connectors for serial interfaces, one Goldcap and one mini-PCI socket. A screw terminal can be provided as an alternative instead of the standard DC socket for the power supply.


Request the starter kit version of the ACLAVIS® base board in combination with the new TX6UL-5010 from us. The new TX6UL module has 256 MByte DDR3 RAM. The new i.MX 6UltraLite processor has an ARM® Cortex®-A7 Core with 527 MHz. A Yocto-based Linux version is available as an operating system.