IoT Acceleration Platform by Sierra Wireless:
Complete IoT infrastructure solution from a single source


What do you need for your IoT application:
Hardware, SIM cards, server, cloud?

You have thus far worked with different suppliers to integrate the various components into a single solution. This is very labour-intensive and time-consuming...

From now on, you can use a single contact partner!
Sierra Wireless offers a complete
IoT infrastructure solution that is already networked and tested. This simplifies your work processes
and considerably reduces development time before market launch. 

The IoT Acceleration Platform is the first industry platform that combines all important elements of an IoT application:

  • Hardware for the applications
  • Administration platform for the devices
  • Cloud platform for your operating data
  • Interfaces to external cloud services
  • Managed connectivity services and SIM administration

Use the advantages of this integrated solution for your global connectivity.

Hardware Ready - make flexible decisions and use all advantages
Sierra Wireless offers suitable hardware for IoT applications. These are already integrated into the IoT Acceleration Platform. In addition, you can also use other hardware with the IoT Acceleration Platform.
MQTT, LWM2M and HTTP(s) are supported as interfaces for this purpose.

Adaptive Connectivity - A SIM card for maximum flexibility
The multi-operator service allows for the integration of several operators using a single SIM card. You can make better use of existing networks compared to using a conventional mobile phone operator. This advantage provides optimal mobile coverage and increases the quality of the mobile data services.
Sierra Wireless also allows you to use the eUICC service to achieve additional flexibility.
The platform further offers interfaces to the SIM management services of other mobile phone operators. You can thus use one platform to manage all your mobile devices.

Focus on your strength and accelerate market introduction
Focus on your customer requirements without having to design a new IoT infrastructure. You can thus reduce the technical and financial risk of the infrastructure implementation and rapidly bring your application to market.

Store your data in the cloud
The AirVantage Management Service offers interfaces to Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. You can thus store your important data easily and quickly and retrieve them at any time.
You can also share our IoT data with any other cloud system through the AMQP Connector Service.

All parts fit together in the IoT Acceleration Platform!

  • IoT hardware
    • Sierra Wireless module already integrated
    • Compatible with other hardware
  • AirVantage
    • Firmware Update Over-The-Air (FOTA)
    • Device management
    • Operating data management
    • Monitoring
    • IoT data memory
  • Managed connectivity
    • SIM cards for IoT applications
    • Administration of SIM cards
    • Worldwide connectivity

We will gladly introduce the platform to you in more detail with a personal presentation and design your individual IoT application together with you.