Accurate Hall sensors by MICRONAS

Position measurements. Angle measurements.
Multi-axial distance measurement. 

MICRONAS offers a very wide spectrum of accurate Hall sensors.
You can achieve the best results in a varied range of applications. 


  • HAL37xy Multi-axial, linear Hall sensors with highest accuracy
  • HAR24xy Redundant, linear hall sensors with smallest plate distance
  • HAC8xy EMC-optimised, linear hall sensors in the smallest available housing
  • HAL15xy First available Hall switch sensors according to ISO 26262 (ASIL A ready) 

Technical data for HAL37xy:

  • Distance measurement up to 40 mm
  • 360° angle encoder (0.9° resolution)
  • Analogue output, PWM or SENT
  • 33 support points for linearisation
  • 8 kV ESD-proof
  • SOIC8 or TO92 housing

The HAL37xy family is the second generation of multiaxial HAL technology by MICRONAS and offers excellent temperature stability, high tolerance of air gap changes and magnetic ageing in combination with a broad range of diagnostic functions and very effective protective circuits. These sensors make it easy to implement angle measurements up to 360° as well as all types of position logging with reduced magnet size or for wear-free application of conventional potentiometers. The HAL37xy family can determine a total movement of up to 40 mm due to the special design of the magnetic circuit. The Hall sensors are packaged in a small SOIC8 SMD housing or the TO92UP housing and are qualified according to AEC-Q100.

Technical data for HAR24xy:

  • Distance measurement up to 20 mm
  • Up to +/-90° angle measurement
  • Analogue output, PWM 
  • 16 support points for linearisation
  • 8 kV ESD-proof
  • AEC-Q 100
  • SOIC8 or TO92 housing

The HAL24xy family integrates two fully autonomous automotive-qualified, linear Hall sensors in a very slim housing. This facilitates reliable, redundant measurements with small magnets for safety-critical applications. The high accuracy of the sensors is based on a highly developed 16-bit signal path with an integrated digital signal processor that provides a ratiometric, analogue 12-bit signal (HAR 2425) or a PWM signal with a frequency of up to
2 kHz (HAR 2455) at the output. The function for the linearisation of the output characteristics allows for the use of 16 programmable support points to compensate for
non-linearities in the magnetic field or to increase the measuring range for distance measurements. The sensors include many functions for fault detection and diagnostics such as broken wire detection or thermal monitoring that can detect over-current or short-circuits.

Technical data for HAC8xy:

  • Distance measurement up to 15 mm
  • Up to +/-45° angle measurement
  • Ratiometric, analogue output
  • 2 integrated 100 nF block capacitors 
  • AEC-Q100
  • TO92UP housing

The linear HAC8xy sensor family offers maximum accuracy and temperature stability under rugged conditions. The two integrated 100 nF capacitors allow the sensor to achieve an ESD resilience of up to 8 kV and to comply with all the strict EMC requirements such as the current Bulk Current Injection (BCI). The HAC 830 is classified Class A regarding the BSI interference immunity tests up to 300 mA according to ISO 11452-4 (open loop) PSA B21-100-C (closed loop). The TO92UP housing can be directly welded or soldered onto a mesh frame. This makes it possible to omit the circuit board (PCB) and thus reduce both the build size as well as the overall costs of the system. The reliability of the total system is also significantly increased.

Technical data for HAL15xy:

  • ISO 26262-compliant
  • ASIL-A-ready
  • AEC-Q100
  • ‘Power-On’ test
  • 500 kHz measuring frequency
  • 8 kV ESD-proof
  • SOT23-3L JEDEC
  • TO236-compliant housing

MICRONAS now offers the HAL15xy family, the first generation of "ASIL-A-ready" Hall effect switches on the market that provide a single-point fault metric according to the new ISO 26262 in order to match the increased requirements for functional safety. Low power uptake of only 1.6 mA in combination with a minimal supply voltage of only 2.7 V makes the HAL15xy family the leader in energy efficiency among all Hall sensors for automotive applications currently on the market. All members of the HAL15xy family can be operated with a maximum supply voltage of 24 V. They also provide over-current protection of up to 40 V and resist ESD impulses up to 8 kV.


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