For RENESAS Synergy platform:
GLYN Arduino-compatible board controls large displays

The revolution in MCU development.
Each RENESAS Synergy™ MCU comes with the Synergy Software Package (SSP).
And the verified programme packages.

The SSP provides you with high-quality software such as 

ThreadX® RTOS
FileX® File system for SD cards, CF cards, memory sticks
USBX® Host and device controller software
NETX® Software package for Ethernet
GUIX® TFT display driver and drawing software
HAL Driver  Driver for all peripheral elements of the MCU

This makes it extremely easy to implement devices and sensors for the Internet of Things

It has hardly reached the market - and there is already red support for RENESAS Synergy.

Control big WVGA displays with capacitive touch function.
With the Arduino-compatible EVBEVEFT813 GLYN board.


Simple and accurate with CYPRESS PSoC®:
Filling level measurement without additional components

GLYN can show you how to use the CapSense® function of the CYPRESS PSoC® MCUs to implement a cost-effective capacitative filling level measurement for liquids. 

The CapSense® can be used to implement up to 62 capacitive touch sensors.

Discover the many possibilities of the freely programmable, digital and analogue components of CYPRESS PSoC® MCUs.


The ACLAVIS® CoM base board measures just 100 x 65 mm!
The simple route to an industrial mini-computer


This industrial grade CoM base board keeps you capable and flexible.
Simply exchange the CoM module with a single click!

The ACLAVIS® CoM baseboard offers you this functionality using just 100 x 65 mm build size!

Combined with the Ka-Ro TX CoM modules, it becomes a very cost-effective mini-computer!

You can combine the baseboard with all CoM modules in the TX range in any way you like.
It works over a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.
This base board only needs a power supply of 5 V 


Experience TIANMA:
High-quality display solutions for industry

Did you know?

That TIANMA is listed among the world's top 5 leading manufacturers in the display sector!

Here you get the opportunity to get to know TIANMA, our new industry display supplier:
Watch the current TIANMA video here!  


Up to 1,000 cd/m² brightness with a wide viewing angle:
New TFT Outdoor Professionals by SGD perform well in bright environments


One connector, one interface, one voltage!

The two new 7“ [17.8 cm] TFTs by Solomon Goldentek Display (SGD) expand our popular TFT family interface range to include high brightness.

The GST70TNED1E13V achieves a brightness of 800 cd/m² at a supply voltage of 3.3 V.  It is therefore well suited to image presentation in very bright environments. 


Robust and safe with strong brands:
Industrial storage solutions by GLYN


Strong brands combined with RED SUPPORT!

GLYN provides you with access to more than 35 years of expert knowledge in the area of industrial storage solutions! 

From DRAM via SRAM to Flash media - We have arranged our portfolio with strong brands for durable and safe storage solutions for industry.
Future-compatible with the storage requirements of the "Internet of Things".


Scalable and flexible mobile communication platform on "22 x 23 mm":
The mobile communication form factor of the future!


If you are looking for a mobile communication solution for your application today:
What is particularly important to you?

Mobile communication technology, design and price?

Long service life, future-proof technology, flexibility and scalability will surely play an important role as well. You need to be able to respond quickly to changing market requirements.

From 2G to 4G - bank on the smallest, scalable module range on the market!

The CF3 form factor of Sierra Wireless allows you to:

  1. Simplify your product structure
  2. Increase flexibility
  3. And thus minimise development costs and times


IoT Acceleration Platform by Sierra Wireless:
Complete IoT infrastructure solution from a single source


What do you need for your IoT application:
Hardware, SIM cards, server, cloud?

You have thus far worked with different suppliers to integrate the various components into a single solution. This is very labour-intensive and time-consuming...

From now on, you can use a single contact partner!
Sierra Wireless offers a complete IoT infrastructure solution that is already networked and tested.

The IoT Acceleration Platform is the first industry platform that combines all important elements of an IoT application:

  • Hardware for the applications
  • Administration platform for the devices
  • Cloud platform for your operating data
  • Interfaces to external cloud services
  • Managed connectivity services and SIM administration


Accurate Hall sensors by MICRONAS


Position measurements. Angle measurements.
Multi-axial distance measurement. 

MICRONAS offers a very wide spectrum of accurate Hall sensors.
You can achieve the best results in a varied range of applications.


  • HAL37xy Multi-axial, linear Hall sensors with highest accuracy
  • HAR24xy Redundant, linear hall sensors with smallest plate distance
  • HAC8xy EMC-optimised, linear hall sensors in the smallest available housing
  • HAL15xy First available Hall switch sensors according to ISO 26262 (ASIL A ready)


Try right now with the new GLYN Isoamp promotion card:
TOSHIBA isolating amplifier with Delta-Sigma converter


Continuous monitoring of phase current and voltage fluctuations in fault-prone environments is essential for motor controllers.

TOSHIBA offers accurate isolating amplifiers to facilitate current and voltage measurement for this purpose.

The integrated Delta-Sigma A/D converter registers even the smallest currents and voltage fluctuations with high accuracy.

  • Highest linearity of 0.02 % for NL200 (typical) in the whole sector
  • Isolation voltage 5,000 Veff (min.)
  • Operating temperature range from -40 to 105 °C.