Test TOSHIBA solid state relays on a "living" object

An invitation for you to test the new TOSHIBA Solid State Relays (SSR) directly on a "living" object.

With the photo relay promo card from GLYN, you can get started right away.
You can simply connect to your own application or test set-up.

The board comes in a handy EC card format that is already fully loaded:

  • TLP3107 SSR based on power MOSFET
  • TLP3906 photovoltaic couplers as gate drivers. Configuration of SSR based on power MOSFET
  • 2 x TPH4R50ANH 100 V / 93 A N-channel power MOSFETs in common source circuit as an AC-SSR

Three circuits with Toshiba SSRs have been implemented on the board:

  • C-connection or DC circuit
  • A-connection or AC circuit
  • B-connection (DC circuit with only one MOSFET)

You will find the data sheets for the TOSHIBA components installed on the board here, as well as a current description of the photo relay promo boards, available for download:

Further information about the TOSHIBA SSRs and the GLYN promo board is available directly from our product specialists.