TRANSPHORM GaN transistor 650 V / 34 A:
Yes, we GaN –
with only 47 mOhm RDS(on)!

GaN FET instead of a module solution:
In future, why not build all the advantages of GaN into your applications.

With the TPH3207WS, TRANSPHORM introduces a 650 V / 34 A GaN FET with what is currently the world's lowest RDS(on) value of only 47 mΩ.

Together with an extremely low Qrr value of only 175 nC, you can reduce your system volume by up to 50%!

The TPH3207WS enhances the reliability, performance and power density of your system. The GaN component is easy to use, thanks to an internal cascade structure. 

The GaN line-up of the manufacturer already includes 15 components with different current ratings and packaging designs. 

A brief summary of the technical data:

  • 650 V with 34 A @ 100°C
  • Lowest RDS(on) value of 47 mΩ
  • TO-247 package

The data sheet and current product brochure is available for download here:

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