Switching losses reduced by 15 % thanks to new packaging

TOSHIBA is now offering its 600 V DTMOS IV MOSFETs in a 4-Pin TO-247 package too.

The fourth pin reduces the turn-on losses, EON, by up to
15 %
compared with a 3-pin solution. This increases the switching efficiency while at the same time decreasing heat development in the component.

This particularly benefits PFC applications and high-performance switching power supplies in hard-switching topologies.

The additional pin functions as a "Kelvin source" connection.
This is a dedicated source pin for the gate driver of the MOSFET. The pin can be used to reduce the negative effects of the parasitic inductance in the source path of the MOSFET. 

DTMOS IV MOSFETs are based on TOSHIBA's deep trench technology.
Compared to conventional super-junction MOSFETs by other manufacturers, these MOSFETs exhibit lower on-resistance at high temperatures. This results in a further increase in efficiency under real operating conditions.

The components are now available from GLYN in the following performance strengths:

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