Protects your application from overcurrent:
Intelligent gate driver optocoupler with 4 A output current

The intelligent TLP5214 gate driver optocoupler by TOSHIBA protects IGBTs and MOSFETs from overcurrent.

Thanks to the high 4 A output current you can directly control more powerful IGBT modules without an additional driver stage. This saves external components and creates space on the board.

These integrated functions add protection and safety:

  • IGBT desaturation detection
  • Undervoltage lockout – (UVLO)
  • Active Miller clamping – protects from overcurrent
  • Long lifetime LED for operating temperatures up to 110 °C

Brief technical data:

  • 4 A output current
  • 2.3 mm flat SO16L package
  • -40 to 110 °C operating temperature

The SO16L package guarantees a creepage distance and air gap of at least 8 mm. This fulfils the requirements for higher insulation resistance. The package is only 2.3 mm tall and will fit into the smallest and flattest applications.

Long lifetime LED ensures operating temperature ranges of up to 110 °C
By using a highly reliable infra-red LED, the TLP5214 is suitable for applications that require a high temperature resistance, such as automation technology, photovoltaic systems, household appliances and uninterruptible power supplies. A maximum signal delay of 150 ns and a propagation delay skew of ±80 ns are guaranteed within the specified operating temperature range (up to 110 °C). This helps to minimise dead time in inverters and increase efficiency.

Other features of the TLP5214 include:

  • Output voltage range of 15 V to 30 V
  • Maximum supply current of 3.5 mA
  • Maximum threshold input current of 6 mA
  • Isolation voltage 5000 Vrms (min.)

A current application note is available for download here:

TOSHIBA TLP5214 Application Note (1,63 MB)