New differential pressure sensors from SENSIRION:
The world´s smallest sensor for air flow measurements

The new SDP3x differential pressure sensors are only 5 x 8 x 5 mm small.

This opens up many new possibilities for the measurement of air flows in the smallest of medical and industrial applications.

Impressive are both the small size and precise accuracy of the sensors. They are fully calibrated and temperature-compensated as well as free from any zero point drift.

The sensors measure bi-directional pressure differences of up to 500 Pa.
Further measuring ranges will become available during the course of 2016. 

The SDP3x series is available with a digital I²C output (SDP31) and analogue output (SDP36).

The digital SDP31 offers the option of selectable I²C addresses as well as various interrupt options. With the analogue SHT36, it is possible to select between a linear and square root characteristic output curve.

The components can be reflow soldered and are supplied in carrier tape for fast processing.

Quick start with an evaluation kit
The EK-P4 evaluation kit allows you to discover all the possibilities of the SENSIRION SHT31.

Here are the datasheets to download:

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