IsoAmp promo card –
only from GLYN

Your "Starter assembly" for the new TOSHIBA IsoAmps.

TOSHIBA isolation amplifiers, with integrated delta-sigma A/D converters, monitor high-precision current and voltage in motor control systems.

The IsoAmp promo card from GLYN is a ready-printed circuit board.
The card can be used to quickly evaluate and test the TOSHIBA isolation amplifier:

  • Pre-configured board in a handy EC card format
  • Connect directly to your own application or test setup
  • Instantly ready to start

Samples are available on request. – Only while supplies last!

An application note for the TOSHIBA isolation amplifiers and the user manual for the promo card is available for download here:

Further information about the TOSHIBA isolation amplifiers and the GLYN IsoAmp promo board is available directly from your GLYN representative.