Ideal for use in 3 V systems:
High-Speed Dual MOSFET drivers for 2 A loads

Compact package – Loads up to 2 A –
Switching up to 26.5 V´

The space-saving solution for many MOSFET drives.

Asia's leading analogue IC manufacturer, SG MICRO, introduces its new High-Speed Dual MOSFET driver.

With the SGM48000/1/2 you can switch direct loads of up to 2 A at up to 26.5 V. 

The MOSFET drivers recognise a logical "high" input signal above 1.6 VIH. This makes the ICs ideal for use in 3 V-systems.

Three inversion variants are available in two different packages (SOIC-8, TDFN-2x2-8L).
The MOSFET drivers are also available with or without an enable function.
All the variants operate within a working temperature range of -40 to 85 °C.  

Brief overview of the available types:

Data sheet for download
SGM48000 (337 KB)

SGM4548 (369 KB)

SG MICRO manufactures its ICs in state-of-the-art CMOS processes to guarantee only the highest quality. Thanks to growing product volumes, SG Micro was able to further optimise its processes and reduce its prices.

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