4 times smaller than a postage stamp at 6 x 6 mm:
All the components for small electrical drives on one chip

The uniquely flexible all-in-one solution for realising the smallest electric motors.
With the HVC 4223F embedded motor controller from MICRONAS, you can control BLDC, BDC and stepper motors.

Here you can find all the components necessary for efficient motor control implemented monolithically on a single chip:

  • With a footprint of 6 x 6 mm — 4 times smaller than a postage stamp
  • For vehicle applications,
    e.g. in industrial environments
  • Qualified for automotive applications

Thanks to its integrated power bridges, the HVC 4223F offers a unique degree of integration.

This chip for controlling the motor enables you to develop much smaller, more efficient, quieter and more cost-effective drive solutions. Ideal areas of application include HVAC vents, active radiator grilles, pumps, air cooling fans, mechanical actuators in cornering lights and many more.

The small footprint of the QFN40 package, which measures only 6 x 6 mm, combined with high levels of integrity, reduces the long-term operating costs. Meanwhile, the software costs are extremely low. Together with the established ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor core and a sophisticated development tool chain, this enables a fast time-to-market.

The HVC 4223F was developed in mixed-signal high voltage (HV) CMOS technology, to achieve an unprecedented degree of integration. The various integrated digital and analogue components contain comparators with a virtual star point reference, diagnostic and protective functions, programmable input amplifier, A/D converters and integrated voltage regulators with up to 40 V load dump as well as six integrated identical half-bridges to drive the motor currents.

Connect directly to the motor windings
The HVC 4223F can be connected directly to the motor windings — simply save the use of additional external MOSFETs. As a result, power can be supplied directly by the 12-V car battery, eliminating the need for external voltage regulators.

Thanks to the internal LIN transceivers, the HVC 4223F can also be connected directly to the LIN bus. The ARM Cortex-M3 simplifies the use of complex commutation schemes to maximise the torque, while at the same time, minimising the size of the motor and with it, the motor weight.

You will find the product information with all technical data available for download here.

HVC 4223F Flex Servo-Drive for Direct Control of Electric Motors (319 KB)

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