This SRAM enables battery-free design:
CYPRESS nvSRAM with 1 MBit and Quad SPI

With the non-volatile SRAM technology (nvSRAM), your RAID storage, industrial automation and network applications are easier to implement and more space-efficient:

The CYPRESS nvSRAMs offer fast 45 ns access time, as well as secure data storage, completely without batteries – for 20 years!

Thanks to a Quad SPI interface, the CY14V101QS 1 MBit nvSRAM runs with a frequency of up to 108 MHz.
As a result, it offers higher performance than a memory with a parallel interface (x8 IO width, 45 ns access time).

The nvSRAM boasts a fast 24-MBps read and write access time, with unlimited write endurance, as well as 20 years of data storage. 

With a reduced I/O bandwidth, it excels in the 16-pin SOIC package or 24-BGA package with fewer pins and a smaller board surface. The vnSRAM includes an optional real-time clock (RTC) with an accuracy of +/- 50 ppm. Its energy consumption is 6-times (active) or 10-times (sleep mode) lower than comparable storage solutions.

The new 1 MBit Quad SPI nvSRAM is the ideal solution for write journalling in RAID storage applications, data logging in industrial automation applications and storing critical configuration data in IT and network applications.

It is available in an extended temperature range of -40 ˚C to 105 ˚C

The vnSRAM solutions by CYPRESS reliably store data without a battery in the event of a power failure, thereby reducing the system costs while remaining RoHS-compliant. 

The new SRAM with 1 MBit and Quad SPI is now in production and is available in production quantities.

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