A robust 4G gateway for industrial applications

The AirLink® Raven RV50 by SIERRA WIRELESS offers the lowest power consumption for an industrial LTE.

Key benefits:

  • Full LTE performance with 2G power consumption
  • Robust industrial gateway
  • Ideal for solar-powered applications
  • Convenient remote maintenance via AirLink Management Service (ALMS Gateway).

Easy to install and manage, the Raven RV50 has been developed for the connection of business-sensitive systems and infrastructures. 

The Raven RV50 offers remote data connections in real time for SCADA, distribution management systems and data collection. This makes it ideal for industrial applications in areas such as energy supply and smart city infrastructure applications.

Thanks to LTE cover with major, international network providers, the Raven RV50 delivers the benefits of broadband connections, even in difficult environments with a limited power supply.

The Raven RV50 offers full 4G functionality with 2G power consumption. The available bandwidth of LTE makes it a practical alternative to cost-intensive wired or wireless technologies. At the same time, the modern LTE technology provides future security and protection for your investment. 

Key features:

  • Multi-Band 4G LTE Gateway
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, RS-232, USB
  • Large selection of security features including VPN client, port filter, MAC address filter
  • Compact and robust device: 119 x 34 x 85 mm
  • Operating temperature: -30 to 70 °C

Data sheet: Sierra Wireless AirLink® RV50 (648 KB)

Additional information available upon request.