Reduce supply current by 90%:
TOSHIBA optocoupler for a fast data transfer rate of 5 Mbps

TOSHIBA presents two new optocouplers for fast data transfer rates of up to 5 Mbps.

The two types, TLP2310 and TLP2710, are characterised by extremely low power consumption of only 6.78 mW. This is 54% lower than that of conventional optocouplers, such as the TLP2355 with 14.8 mW power consumption.

Both optocouplers are certified in accordance with UL1577 and
. This makes them suitable for applications that require a high degree of insulation resistance, such as inverters, servo amplifiers, I/O interfaces, solar systems and applications in automation technology. 

The TLP2310 and TLP2710 each contain a high-performance and extremely durable infra-red LED on the input side. Compared to conventional optocouplers, the input threshold current can be reduced by a good 38% to max. 1 mA. This allows the new optocouplers to be controlled directly by a microcontroller.

In addition, the light-sensitive photo IC on the opposite side is manufactured in a Bi-CMOS process. This helps achieve a low supply current of max. 0.3 mA, which is 90% less than that of other commonly used optocouplers.

Both optocouplers are designed for an operating temperature range of up to 125°C (max.) and work within a wide supply voltage range between 2.7 and 5.5 V.

The TLP2310 is supplied in a 5-pin SO6 housing. The air gap and creepage distance is at least 5 mm, and the insulation voltage is min. 3.75 kV eff. The TLP2710 is supplied in a longer SO6L housing with an air gap and creepage distance of at least 8 mm and an insulation voltage of min. 5 kV eff. Both housings are extremely flat, with a max. height of only 2.3 mm.

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