SSD on one chip:
The extremely compact SSD memory solution...

Up to 128 GByte on the smallest memory area:
The FerriSSD® from Silicon Motion Technology is designed to replace SATA and PATA hard disks.

Especially in the area of embedded systems, they ensure reliable data retention in space-sensitive applications. FerriSSDs integrate NAND Flash memory together with powerful controllers in one compact BGA housing.
They operate in an extended temperature range from -40 to 85 °C and are certified according to the strict AEC-Q100 automotive standard.

Hardware and firmware are integrated in the FerriSSD. The reliability and lifespan are enhanced by an internal temperature sensor. Thanks to an SSD LifeGuard Monitor and Remote Firmware Update, the firmware is always up to date and the SSD fully functional. SLC technology and SLC Mode ensure rapid data access as well as rapid data transfers. 

Other technical features:

  • Quick hardware-based deletion
  • Complete AES encryption for high data protection
  • Sleep/energy-saving mode for low power consumption
  • Integrated protection from voltage peaks
  • Capacities from 1 GB to 128 GB
  • SLC, MLC & SLCmode™

Further information available on request.