“Butterflies” for modern IoT applications:
How to easily connect Bluetooth Low Energy with CapSense buttons and slider

The PSoC® 4000S from CYPRESS offers the world’s most reliable energy-saving CapSense® solution.

Like a butterfly you can easily connect Bluetooth Low Energy with CapSense buttons and slider functionality.

The new CY8CKIT-145-40xx Prototyping Kit from CYPRESS combines the EZ-BLE™PRoC™ Module with the new PSoC®4000S featuring ARM® Cortex®-M0+ Core.


FUJITSU ReRAM now in mass production:
Uses 94% less operating current than a comparable EEPROM

The FUJITSU ReRAM (Resistive Random-Access Memory) is a non-volatile memory with SPI interface.

Thanks to its low operating current of just 0.2 mA when reading at 5 MHz, the IC is ideally suited for battery-powered applications, e.g. wearables or medical products, such as hearing aids.

The ReRAM chip is operated with voltages of 1.65 to 3.6 V.
In comparison to a conventional non-volatile memory like EEPROM or Flash, ReRAM offers lower power consumption and a longer lifespan.
The ReRAM has an “unlimited read endurance” as well as a “write endurance” of 1,200,000 million cycles.


New reference book:
The Basics of the RENESAS Synergy Platform

The revolutionary Synergy microcontroller platform from RENESAS promises to sustainably improve the working life of Embedded Design engineers.

Develop quicker, invent new things, and become market leader – that is the concept of the Synergy Platform.

Start now with the new reference book “Basics of the RENESAS Synergy™ Platform”.
Based on the S7G2 starter kit, it demonstrates the concept of the Synergy Platform. Here you can learn about all useful and necessary steps to your first Synergy application. 

Get your free E-Book here:


RENESAS Synergy S3 evaluation board!

The ‘Midsize’ RENESAS Synergy S3 solution offers the optimum combination of low power consumption and a powerful Cortex®-M4 core, which runs at up to 48 MHz.

The EVBSYNS3 evaluation board from GLYN offers you a quick and easy way into the world of graphics, sound and touch. An optional PMOD adapter – based on the FTDI EVE – relieves the SRAM on the S3.


SSD on one chip:
The extremely compact SSD memory solution...

Up to 128 GByte on the smallest memory area:
The FerriSSD® from Silicon Motion Technology is designed to replace SATA and PATA hard disks.

Especially in the area of embedded systems, they ensure reliable data retention in space-sensitive applications. FerriSSDs integrate NAND Flash memory together with powerful controllers in one compact BGA housing.
They operate in an extended temperature range from -40 to 85 °C and are certified according to the strict AEC-Q100 automotive standard.


Manufacturer´s Embedded Flash products available from GLYN with immediate effect:
Silicon Motion and GLYN sign a distribution contract for Europe


With immediate effect, the products of Silicon Motion Technology Corporation will be available throughout Europe from GLYN. The distributor from Idstein and the American semiconductor manufacturer signed a distribution contract for Europe.

Silicon Motion is a pioneer in the development of controller ICs for NAND flash memory as well as Embedded Flash products such as FerriSSD® and Ferri-eMMC®. As a fabless manufacturer, Silicon Motion offers highly integrated semiconductor solutions with low energy consumption for the industrial, consumer and automotive sector.